Use Your Voice Here!

On  6/14/13,  Jeff E. said:

"I think that the state should not make us do the 
tests! It adds stress on us and makes worried if it will go on our permanent 
records. Plus its bad enough that we have finals and SAT's when we are in high 
school. I mean i understand they want to see how we are doing but then give us 
as much time as we need but until you make changes to make it fair then just get 
rid of the test entirely. Also don't start it in 3rd do it in collage with the 
SAT's. so i will side with everybody else and want these tests removed!!!"

Do you want to use your voice?  Fill out the contact form below!  Tell us how you feel about your school, and speak out for what improvements you would like to see in your society.  We may post your thoughts on this page, and you will be able to see what others have to say.


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